Hanna Talago-Sławoj

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  • public procurement

Lawyer with many years of experience in the field of public procurement law, President of the Management Board of Centrum Obsługi Zamówień Publicznych sp. z o.o.

In 1993 she completed the course "Principles of Government Procurement" organized by Graduate School (Department of Agriculture of the United States of America) in the United States of America. Hanna has been involved in public procurement since 1994. She is one of the first Polish trainers in this field.

Hanna is a sector procurement auditor, author of many publications, including articles in the professional press devoted to public procurement, advisor to parliamentary committees during work on subsequent amendments to the Public Procurement Law. He advises contracting authorities and contractors, is a co-organizer and lecturer at the first in Poland Postgraduate Study of Public Procurement at the Kozminski University. Legal representative in many proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber.

Hanna is currently writing her doctoral thesis on the defense directive. She is also a philologist, a graduate of the Department of Neophilology at the Faculty of Iberistics at the University of Warsaw.